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Aug 3, 2020 Dmitry Serov tag mac windows

Recent Fork updates have added the ability to expand and collapse merge commits in the commit graph by clicking on their tips or using / keyboard shortcuts.

This allows you to hide unnecessary commits, make sense of a messy contribution graph, and to only concentrate on the changes made in a certain branch.

Consider a real-life example: the Swift language source repository. It is one of the largest GitHub repositories to date, with more than 100,000 commits and 32000 closed pull requests.

Could you tell which commits make up pull request #20782 from this screenshot?

With Fork, you can collapse all merge commits and only display those you need right now. Collapse all branches using the context menu of the graph and expand the ones you’d like to keep.

Here’s how it looks when applied to the Swift repo. We can clearly see when the work on feature #20782 had begun, which commits it contained, and when it was merged into the main branch. It’s also easy to pick out what other pull requests were merged while the feature was still in progress.

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