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Oct 23, 2019 Dmitry Serov tag mac windows

One of the more recent introductions to Fork was Quick Launch view with a command palette (Ctrl+P, +P), which allows to perform frequent actions quicker. This is an extremely powerful feature and we’d like to show a few examples of its usage in this blog post.

Checkout branch

The process of checking out a certain branch by name can be streamlined by using the Checkout Branch command of Quick Launch. With only a few keystrokes to invoke the command and to specify the required branch (thanks to smart completion), checking out branches via Quick Launch is much more convenient than browsing through a lengthy branch list in the GUI.

Show file history

File History is a Quick Launch command to display the familiar report of changes in a file supplied as the command argument. You don’t have to look for the file in the commit file tree anymore – as long as you know the filename (or enough of it to trigger fuzzy search).

Quick Launch and Custom Commands

In addition to using the preinstalled commands, you can extend Quick Launch view with your own ones. You can find the Quick Launch custom command builder in Preferences.

For instance, here’s a custom branch command for Gerrit push:

We can run it as follows:

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